Monday, July 28, 2008

Lists Part 1

I've been thinking again...dangerous. I'm not sure where I want to start tonight but I know there's a few things on my mind. Whether or not I can get them out before I fall asleep, well, we'll see. It is very good to have my beautiful bride back at my side. It was a strange five days without her here. Her presence, or lack there of, was definatly noticeable.

What about this whole Jesus thing...this whole Christianity thing. I think I'll just through out some thoughts tonight and then hopefully follow up tomorrow with a well planned defense for what I'm about to unveil. Are you on the edge of your chair yet?

I spend a lot of time in my truck throughout the day, running errands (some say) but mostly getting important things done. Come ride with me for a day...not a lot of wasted time. Sorry, sidebar....back to the point. While I am in my truck I am always listening to the iPod, and usually not to tunes. But rather, trying to gain wisdom and knowledge from various sources. Most of this is made up of sermons and devo's from people around the country, as well as service-oriented radio shows. Bottom line is that my mind is usually turning 10k RPM. I spend a lot of time thinking about how things relate to my life and the choices I have made, that put me where I am. Check out the two lists below then think on it...I will follow up tomorrow.

Things I believe

God is who he says he is

Jesus was his son

Jesus came and lived among us

Jesus was God's ultimate sacrifice for our filth

Jesus fulfilled the will of the Father and now is my advocate before God

God's plan is ultimately better and bigger than anything I can comprehend

Things I think

Jesus didn't come to provide us with simply an ultimate "way out"

God's desire is not for us to live our lives without Him and in our final hours finally surrender, although He will accept that with open arms.

God sent Jesus not to only be the ultimate sacrifice, but and maybe equally as important, a role model and an indicator of Gods heart for us.

Perhaps Jesus came to not only redeem the world from its filth, but to provide the tools and examples of how to achieve the fullness of life, just as God had intended it to be for each one of us.

Again....please check back tomorrow for an unpacking of these always...comments are welcome.


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