Tuesday, July 8, 2008


My heart feels weird. I spoke with two friends tonight. One who is struggling through the darkest time in their life. And one I haven't talked to in a long time. Even in this moment my heart is being pulled in two directions.

For the first friend I feel powerless and sad. It is hard to hear anyone proclaim hopelessness, but when you can see their potential and the promise in their lives, it is disparaging. I love this person but am powerless in their situation. What can you tell someone who is hopeless? I guess the only thing is prayer. I trust that God is in the midst of their situation and has a better and more glorious plan for everyone. But it still hurts to see the ones you love hurting.

For the second my heart is warmed. They are in a far off place, serving their country. It was awesome to just unload the last 6 months in about 15 minutes. We threw around some inside jokes, old stories, encouraging words and news updates. It was a whirlwind and even at this moment I wish we'd had more time. Maybe a brew and a nice picnic table with a couple hours to catch up. I guess I am very blessed to have friends who are low maintenance. People who always seem to pick right up where we left off, even if its been weeks, months, or years. If you ever read this, friend...i appreciate your sacrifice, your service and your friendship.

God, please watch over these two friends. Hold them safe in your arms and give them peace and stillness of heart.

Its late!


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