Sunday, October 19, 2008


We are all so broken. All in different ways. Some broken for ourselves and some for others. More still broken for God and His will.

I got one of those phone calls today. The kind that everyone dreads. A man of God has gone home, forever. A man who had a heart bigger than the canyon he so loved. A spirit who lived for others and always sought to serve. He fought the fights that others wouldn't and would have risked it all to save one more.

The language doesn't have the right words to explain my heart tonight. Hurt, crushed, angry, confused, sad, and releaved are only a few that come to mind. Lord pour down your peace on this family tonight as they grieve the loss of a friend, son, and brother. Thank you for the legacy of service you have woven through the heart and the hands of your servant. May he rest now in your arms without any pain, lonliness, or suffering. You are the God who has crafted the plan, and I trust in you. Give my soul peace tonight, I can't find it in this moment.


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Britt said...

broken. but i'm glad our brother is free. i'm privileged to get to build tomorrow with our family in honor of our brother that gave so much to so many others. God is with us, just as He is with him. he's finally free B.