Wednesday, February 4, 2009

mostly cloudy

It is only because of cloudy days that we are able to fully appreciate the full beauty of the sunshine. And so it is with God. The difficult and uncertain seasons only exist to sweeten the beauty and glory that God has in store for us.

I'm pretty sure that its in Romans where Paul says..."Our present suffering could not compare with the great glory that will be revealed within us." Although I'm pretty sure I butchered get the point. This verse has come up time after time in my life and its late, so I can't remember the exact reference. We have to trust that God's path leads to greater things than we can see.

In this time of uncertainty and uneasiness...we must seek God's peace. We have to lean fully on Him and He will make the path straight.

Thanks for cloudy days, or months, or years. God help me to become rivited on you now...not in one area of life but in all aspects. Your game plan is way better and the team you area assembling will be the best. God thanks for friends.


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